A huge thank you

Thank you so much for everyone who supported me during this campaign and voted for me.  It has been an honor to hear your voices and push for laws that make life better.  I am humbled to be re-elected.

I also need to speak about the national election. The results have brought into stark relief the many ways Americans are struggling.  Struggling to economically survive, struggling to maintain connected community, and struggling to feel electoral politics are meaningful.  46.9% of eligible voters didn’t vote.  Almost half of all eligible voters were either disenfranchised because of voter suppression tactics or believed they don’t matter in the elite system of politics.

Trump tapped into fear, disconnection, and economic despair so intensely the 25.5% of eligible voters who voted for him either overlooked his incitement of violence or believed violence will solve economic despair.

Vermont has a long tradition of building community and fighting for justice.  I am proud to keep fighting for what is right, and continue to build a strong community at the local and state level.  Together we can be in the long project of re-connection and building leadership that promotes justice.

The majority of Americans did not vote for Trump.  The majority of those that voted voted for Clinton.  Vermont did not vote for Trump.  We will need to fight and heal together.